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Well, well, well, a little bird points to IBM as gumming up the works with the European Commission so Oracle and Sun can’t close their deal. Oracle of course picked up Sun after IBM’s negotiations with Sun failed and Oracle made IBM the intended target of the proposed acquisition in an ad on the front page of the Wall Street Journal last week so the idea that IBM is whispering in the EC’s ear makes perfect sense. And IBM has plenty of practice using the European Commission to attack its enemies. Just ask Microsoft. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison claims the European Commission’s prolonged investigation of Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun, which isn’t expected to finish much before the agency’s mid-January deadline, is costing Sun $100 million a month in revenues and a weakened revenue stream will impact how many employees Sun gets to keep if and when the acquisition i... (more)

Lindows Is on a Linux Software Kick

Lindows.com claims that 2,000 developers have signed up for its developer's program to submit programs to its Click-N-Warehouse, where it says it's now got 1,700 programs on tap. It thinks it can attract 5,000 programs by the end of the year, claiming there's a "huge flood of Linux software development going on" and that there's more Linux software available now than for the Macintosh, which probably isn't that hard a milestone to pass.  To this end it's started a Developer and Publisher Program, which is supposed to open Click-N-Run or the new commercial Click-N-Buy to outside d... (more)

DOJ May Challenge Oracle Bid for PeopleSoft

USA Today quoting nameless lawyers said to be familiar with the situation thinks the Justice Department is revving up to challenge Oracle's bid for PeopleSoft. It says there are two dead giveaways to the agency's thinking. First, it's taking statements from Oracle and PeopleSoft customers that could be used, it says, "as evidence at trial" and second, the DOJ has assigned Kent Brown, identified as one of its most senior antitrust lawyers, to the probe "another sign it is serious about opposing the deal," the paper says. The DOJ may say something by the end of the month. Putting h... (more)

Can CA Save Linux from the Great Satan SCO?

It's dawned on Computer Associates that IBM pays it royalties for the SMP technology in AIX, IBM's version of Unix, because of the work done long ago by Unix icon Locus Computing Corporation. CA says it owns the Locus IP by virtue of its huge $3.5 billion cash purchase of Platinum technology Inc in 2000. See, Platinum had bought Locus in a stock swap in, oh, 1995. Now, of course, the SCO Group has made a big megillah about the SMP facilities that found their way into Linux. It claims that IBM ripped the widgetry out of Sequent's Dynix version of Unix, which SCO alleges it had di... (more)

Cloud Computing Expo - Schmidt Speaks

Jim Cramer’s been doing a stint on CNBC in the middle of the trading day and, being a Google booster, managed to entice Google’s usually standoffish CEO Eric Schmidt on the air the other day. Schmidt said Google’s stock wouldn’t split and that Google wouldn’t start issuing guidance (it would distract Googlers from “trying to change the world,” he said). He also reckoned online advertising will ultimately be worth a trillion dollars – when exactly is wholly unclear – maybe after Eric retires – and that Google could make more money from mobile than from the desktop. Mobile can be... (more)