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Suppose the 400 million people that Microsoft says still boot up Window 9x every day could run their Windows programs on Linux and take advantage of its vaunted stability, reliability, efficiency, security and manageability advantages over Windows. Understand that we mean all of their programs, shrinkwrapped and custom, Visual Basic and C++, not just a few of the high profile, broadly used ones like Microsoft Office. And really run them on Linux, not emulated like the nine-year-old WINE Project and its commercializer, CodeWeavers, try to do, putting themselves forever behind the Microsoft eight ball, or virtualized like VMware used to before it got off on its current server kick and pretty much forsook the desktop. Of course, considering the advent of web services and the decreasing cost of server infrastructure, folks might prefer to jettison the fat client approa... (more)

Imagine the Web Ceasing To Be a Maintenance Nightmare

Well, now we get to see if the old boy can do it again. Jim Starkey, the guy who, among other things, did InterBase, the first relational database to support little things like multi-versioning, event alerts, arrays and triggers, and then fell seriously out with Borland, the company that came to own it, has got himself a new venture called Netfrastructure Inc. For the last four years he's been working on the software that the Massachusetts-based Netfrastructure will sell. It's ready now. It's a web development and deployment environment that's meant to create dynamic, interacti... (more)

SCO Files for AIX Injunction against IBM

(June 16, 2003) - The SCO Group today, as expected, asked a federal court in Utah to enjoin IBM permanently from distributing its proprietary Unix operating system AIX. The move, if upheld, would effectively pull the plug on all AIX systems worldwide. With its license pulled, IBM is supposed to destroy or return all software products, SCO said. SCO has no alternative license scheme in mind to offer affected end users and has told them to seek legal opinion and tease out the implications of running unauthorized code, hopeful that the users themselves will bring pressure to bear ... (more)

Judge Slaps Down Cheeky Lindows Scheme

The judge supervising Microsoft's $1.1 billion California settlement of those class-action allegations that it overcharged for Windows has pulled the plug on Lindows' scheme to route claims through the MSfreePC.com Web site it set up for the purpose to basically skim off some of the refund money. The site presumed to offer consumers an "instant settlement," said they didn't need receipts and dangled the offer of a free PC to the first 10,000 who bought $100 worth of its products. Microsoft complained about the Lindows site to California Superior Court Judge Paul Alvarado claiming,... (more)

SCO & Microsoft Post Bounties of $250,000 Each on the Head of MyDoom Author

The SCO Group is offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for unleashing the MyDoom e-mail virus. Microsoft followed suit and is offering $250,000 for the capture and conviction of the MyDoom.b vandal. SCO CEO Darl McBride's people say it's a check he really wants to write. Starting Monday afternoon and quickly turning into a tsunami, MyDoom, a mass mailer that requires recipients to open a zip file, has clogged e-mail servers with as many as 1,000 junk e-mails a minute, bringing systems to their knees and... (more)