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Because of the great SCO brouhaha, the open source community has been thumbing through the SCO Group's old SEC filings and one of them came across this passage in the 10-K SCO filed covering its 2002 fiscal year, which ended October 31. "The Company has an arrangement with Novell, Inc. ('Novell') in which it acts as an administrative agent in the collection of royalties for customers who deploy SVRx technology. Under the agency agreement, the Company collects all customer payments and remits 95% of the collected funds to Novell and retains 5% as an administrative fee. The Company records the 5% administrative fee as revenue in its consolidated statements of operations. The accompanying October 31, 2002 and 2001 consolidated balance sheets reflect the amounts collected related to this agency agreement but not yet remitted to Novell of $1,428,000 and $1,894,000, respe... (more)

Two Million Linux Desktops, Huh?

Sun software chief Jonathan Schwartz claims there are "two million Linux desktops in the world - just none on Wall Street" and describes them as a "problem for Microsoft." It's unclear where his numbers come from. ... (more)

Knives and Forks

In case anybody hasn't noticed, the Carrier Grade Linux spec put together by the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) founded by such as Intel, IBM, Computer Associates, HP, Hitachi and NEC to make Linux more robust and enterprise-ready hasn't gotten the approbation of the so-called Linux community that maintains the operating system. And as a matter of fact great Linux lights like Alan Cox, Linus Torvalds' chief lieutenant, has called the thing a "lump of crap" put together haphazardly and said the community won't support it. If OSDL doesn't address whatever engineering issues exi... (more)

IBM, Sharp To Offer Enterprise Apps on Linux PDA

IBM and Sharp have teamed to enable businesses to extend enterprise applications to mobile workers on a new version of Sharp's Linux-based Zaurus PDA. The new Enterprise Edition Zaurus is supposed to let employees access databases to check inventory and order supplies as well as manage e-mail, address book entries and their calendar from the road. The widget is being designed to access a range of programs from a variety of vendors. IBM will provide Linux and Java-based middleware such as WebSphere Everyplace Access and WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager. Sharp and IBM plan... (more)

Start-up Uses Open Source Project To Nudge Microsoft Off the Desktop

Symbio Technologies Inc, a New Rochelle, New York start-up, wants to tear the guts out of your PC, turn it into a diskless thin client and move the compute power to a server, sort of along the lines of that ClearCube is doing with its PC blades, Sun is offering to do with its Sun Rays and IBM has in mind with its new Java-based Workplace 2 scheme aka Workplace Client Technology (CSN No 548). Symbio's architecture is probably closest to IBM's, which involves Lotus' Workplace middleware, Tivoli's software to centrally administer potentially thousands of clients, WebSphere's Portal... (more)