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Here's what Maureen O'Gara writes, in full - courtesy of Linux Business Week "In a surprise move IBM should be interested in, BayStar Capital and some other still-unidentified institutions have put 50 million bucks in the SCO Group for a 17.5% position. Together with what SCO already had in the bank, the investment puts $61 million at its disposal, suggesting that the Linux contingent will have it to kick around a while longer. SCO CEO Darl McBride said the company wasn't shopping for an investment, but got four or five offers during road shows taken to Wall Street. Meanwhile, the company, whose future looked pretty bleak only six months ago when just $4 million stood between it and the poor house, is now accreting cash. McBride, who said he was personally spending a couple of days a week on SCO's IP interests, claimed that big company Linux users were writing checks f... (more)

Umm, About That $100m Microsoft Funneled to SCO

A piece of juicy compromising e-mail written by a SCO consultant to SCOsource VP Chris Sontag and SCO CFO Bob Bench last October suggesting that Microsoft had quietly funneled $86 million to SCO and that it was good for at least $106 million before tapping all possibilities happened to turn up on open source philosopher Eric Raymond's web site Thursday. Eric made it part of his Microsoft-embarrassing internal documents collection and dubbed it Halloween X. (See www.opensource.org.) He says he got it from an "anonymous whistleblower inside SCO," which is odd because, given the tim... (more)

China's Linux Jihad Ain't Turning Out the Way It Thought

China's Communist government has reportedly poured upwards of $50 million into the Red Flag Software Company to make it into the "Microsoft of China" and establish a national Linux standard so China could get out from under Microsoft's thumb. Nearly four years into the adventure and Red Flag, which has never made money, has only managed to capture 25% of the local Linux market, thanks mainly to its captive business with certain government agencies. Market leadership belongs to Turbolinux, which by Red Flag's count owns 40% of the market, according to US sources close to the Chine... (more)

SCO & IBM Try Various Legal Holds on Each Other

In the latest episode of the SCO-IBM imbroglio SCO asked the court to cut IBM's patent infringement counterclaims out of the base breach-of-contract case and deal with them separately so things don't get bogged down and technical and confuse or prejudice the jury. Then, for unexplained reasons, IBM dropped one of its four infringements claims against SCO and wants SCO's copyright claims dropped from the case "after agreeing." SCO says, "to let [it] put them in with its second amended filing." That was the filing in which SCO dropped its initial misappropriation of trade secrets ... (more)

Google Chrome - Browser War III

Tomorrow Google will come out from behind the Firefox browser that it's been pumping money into - and profiting royally from - and take direct aim at Microsoft with a browser of its very own. The widgetry is called Google Chrome and Google Chrome, like all of Google's non-search widgetry, will be a beta. Presumably that means it's going to be like Google's apps and be interminably in beta since Google's own blog says the timing is, well, "a bit early." (http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/fresh-take-on-browser.html) Anyway, Google says Chrome will initially run only on Windows. ... (more)