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This is the same story that ran the other day as the news broke except for the last paragraph. Practically at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning Novell had what is basically a "cease and desist" letter hand-delivered to the SCO Group telling SCO that SCO doesn't own the Unix intellectual property that lies beneath the billion-dollar lawsuit that SCO has filed against IBM and the claims of possible infringement that SCO recently made to the biggest public companies in the world if they happen to run Linux on their systems. SCO of course claims IBM pinched SVR5 trade secrets and threw them over the wall to Linux to forward its own massive Linux interests. The letter, which Novell circulated right before SCO reported its second quarter results, says that Novell owns the Unix patents and copyrights and that SCO merely shares in certain rights that it acquired from Novel... (more)

Intel Thinks It See Light at the End of the Tunnel

The first quarter was as Intel said it would be last month after it realized that its greed had screwed up flash sales. Actually, it got lucky and was able to move some of the microprocessor and chipset inventory it had previously written off, adding a point or two to its gross margin, it said. Otherwise the quarter pretty much followed historic patterns: MPUs were solid - worth $5.8 billion in revenues - though unit sales were lower than Q4 - Lehman Brothers thinks they were off roughly 5% sequentially to, oh, 33.7 million widgets - and these widgets were responsible for all of ... (more)

SCO To Use Unix Copyrights To Tax Linux Users

(July 21, 2003) - The SCO Group says that the US Patent and Trademark Office registered all the Unix and UnixWare copyrights that AT&T's Unix System Labs ever owned in SCO's name last week, dispelling any lingering doubts that SCO does in fact own them. Now that that's accomplished, SCO CEO Darl McBride says the copyrights will be used to bring Linux users to the negotiating table to work out licenses. SCO is going to start with the Global 1500 that it sent warning letters to a few weeks ago as well as government entities leaning towards or already embracing Linux. Ironically, SC... (more)

Xandros to Test the Corporate Appetite for Linux on the Desktop

Xandros, the little Canadian start-up that bought Corel's Debian-based Linux distribution and also gave Lindows its start, is going to try to peddle a $129 business desktop that it claims is a full-featured Windows alternative. It's also got what it calls a Desktop Management Server (xDMS) that's supposed to deploy and manage Linux desktops in a secure enterprise environment. Xandros is something of a guinea pig in trying to flog Linux as a corporate desktop. It'll help test out whether the operating system can make a dent in Windows or whether limited applications packages, migr... (more)

Sun Delivers Four-Way Opteron Server

On cue, Sun on Monday wheeled out its expected new four-way Opteron server, the V40z, priced at $8,495 and claiming to best IBM, HP and Dell on price/performance since the industry-standard widgetry runs Solaris and the Java Enterprise System. The box is from Newisys, the spoiled Opteron hardware start-up that had to seek refuge inside Sanmina-SCI. Sun is also starting to deliver the Opteron-based Java Workstations W1100z and W2100z, a 1P and 2P respectively, that it previewed a few weeks ago. Running Solaris x86, the machines are supposed to be 61% faster than Red Hat Linux on... (more)